With holidays coming up and the economy where it is everyone could use a good idea on how to save some money. I have found that a great gift for kids of all ages can be relatively inexpensive and hours of fun.


CRAYONS and COLORING BOOKS are a great gift for kids of any age. It’s one of my go to gifts for kids turning two. I have found that my children are happy coloring for hours. There have been many days where I cover a wall with paper and let them go nuts. By the end of the day I have a fantastic piece of art work and a whole day of artful fun. So set your kid up at the table with a coloring book of his or her favorite characters, or get some large packing paper and let them create something all by themselves.

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There are many types of crayons available. I have found that the triangular shaped or big ones are easiest to hold. The smaller ones tend to break easier because kids usually press pretty hard. So try to stick to thicker ones in the beginning.

Another great idea is to get the book Harold and the Purple Crayon.You can read this classic with your kids and then have them create an adventure of their own.

Happy coloring,



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