I am back finally. Up and running with a house equipped with internet and a phone line. It was definately hard to get anything done when we had to go out to make phone calls, but it’s all better now.

So the holidays are approaching fast. If I am not wrong Chanukah and Christmas all fall out together this year.


If you are looking for a great gift t send I highly recommend checking out Snapily. You can take your ordinary pictures and create something extraordinary for family and friends. They make 3D and animated prints using your snap shots. They are even coming out with postcard videos. There is no real way to describe them so check out the website www.snapily.com I believe this up and coming print idea will be all the rage in no time so all you fabulous mommies should get your hands on it first.

Happy holidays,



  1. I used the Snapily service a week ago and received the greeting cards yesterday and I must say that I’m so pleased with the final result.
    It is different then all other things I have seen in the past. It is a great holiday present !

  2. Many years ago I used to sell a 3-d camera called Nishika. You sent your pictures in for processing. They were great but the company just wasn’t popular. I am pleased that there is a new twist on this fabulous idea. Carla, do you remember the pics with the deer at Niagra Falls?

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