So I am at the stage when morning and bedtime routines include brushing the teeth of two children. Since children cannot properly brush their teeth for the first few years any product that makes teaching them easier can be called a G-d-send. Therefore, today I am going to showcase a product that I cannot wait to purchase.

Orajel Plaque Revealing Pre-Brush Gel turns your kids teeth blue so they see the plaque. Then they simply have to brush until it is all gone. This is also great for a parent who want to see where his or her child keeps missing.

I just found out about this product and plan to order it as soon as I move (unless I find it in a drugstore before). Combine this with a kids toothbrush that blinks (Dr. Fresh Firefly Blinking Children’s Toothbrush) and you have a formula for perfect teeth brushing.

(In case you don’t know about the toothbrushes…you can buy a toothbrush for your kids that blinks for 60 seconds. This is the recommended time to allot to brushing. They are really cute and by combining them with this new gel you’ll be preparing your children for a lifetime of dental health.)

Click the link or pictures above to purchase this fabulous product.

Happy brushing.



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