I have always wanted to make my kids fresh baby food when they were infants but I found that it took too much time and too many pots. Well, here is a fantastically fabulous new product for those people interested in making their own baby food.

The Babycook (BPA-Free) is an all in one product that steams veggies, fruits and even meat. It then blends it in the same container to a nice soft baby puree. The Babycook can also reheat and defrost meals so you can make enough for several days at once. You can also keep it sterilized for the baby and not worry about possible allergens coming in contact with it. The Babycook includes a 2.5 cup plastic bowl, cooking basket, spatula, and recipe booklet.

This product is great and I plan on looking into getting one in a few months when my daughter starts food. Check it out at giggle.com by clicking on the picture or link above.

Happy cooking,



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