I would like to introduce you to these fabulous books that I received in the mail.

eebee1.jpg     eebee2.jpg

Eebees adventure is a fantastic set of soft books that are very interactive for kids. I have 6 books and my kids read them everyday.

There is a Peek-a-boo book that has things like a raincoat to open to find eebee and a tube with eebee hiding in it.

Laundry time goes through the laundry process and allows kids to interact. You can spin the towels and hang them up.

Have a Ball! follows a ball throughout a day of ball activities.

All the books (except the “All About Me” and the bath book) are soft and great for kids of all ages. The are full of bright colorful and tactile pictures to keep the whole family entertained.

I highly recommend checking them out by clicking on the link above.

Reading is important so have fun doing it….



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