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Today we got two tickets to the Rangers/Oilers hockey game. Instead of making it a date night we decided to split the kids and each take time to bond. I took my son to the game and my husband kept the girls. We did it this way for a few reasons.

1. I am the Oilers fan in the family

2. I feel that I have a lot more time with the girls since they are home with me all day. This leads me to sometimes feel that I don’t do anything fun with my son. I just wanted to have a fun night with him without and chores, or schedules etc.

3. My husband has very little time with the girls because he works long hours and has been doing that since they were born. This has taken a toll and Aliza (our middle child) is very attached to me. We felt she was in serious need of some daddy time.

So I took him to the game. His eyes lit up the moment we entered the arena. His face was absolutely priceless and his enthusiasm was contagious. He made everyone around him smile and he was very political as he cheered for both teams. It was hard for the avid NY fans to be upset at such an adorable Oilers enthusiast.

It is so important to make sure that each child has time with both parents and that they feel a connection with you. I t is also important for parents to feel a connection with each child. I am so glad that I got to share this experience with my son…and my husband seems very happy with his time with the girls.



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