My son is at a curious age and he is always asking a million questions. For the most part I am able to answer him somewhat coherently but there have been a few time when he has stumped me into silence.

The other day he asked my husband why people have blood in their bodies. Instead of making something up my husband decided to tell him as much about it as he could and even researched it online.

He explained about carrying the oxygen around the body to give you energy. He also tried to explain the concept of blood transfusions to him.

My son asked him to repeat things a few times, and made him continue explaining until he felt he had a good grasp on the subject. Then to my surprise the next day at lunch he explained to the entire table the idea of sharing blood when one is sick. He took a concept that I believed to be way over his head and not only absorbed it, but he took the aspect of blood that is an act of kindness and that is what he concentrated on. He focused his explanation on how we can share blood.

He will forever (I hope) surprise and amaze me.

Children are AMAZING



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