┬áSo this has been one crazy month. Life adjusting to three little ones has been a big change. Like all my friends say…I am no longer playing house.

Lessons can be learned from such small things. There are things in my children’s lives that I believe they need to grow out of. For example, my daughter should be ready to stop bottles before bed. However, after seeing how hard it is for me to adjust to all the changes in our lives I decided that these forms of comfort are essential to them. Between a new baby, moving and a whole new life in a new city I have decided to allow them to keep doing some of the things that in a more stable situation I would be working on.

This has been a lesson for me as well. I have been trying so hard to adjust and put on a brave face that I sometimes feel like I may break down. My kids have shown me that the little things that I do for myself, like writing this blog, will be my saving grace.

My son is now 3 1/2 and he has been taking all the changes really well. He seems to have a unique grasp on all that is going on. He can not wait to put his toys in his new room. He is an inspiration and a constantly surprising little entity.

For three little, not yet fully developed beings they sure have some big lessons for us. They have a special way of seeing that bigger picture and the good things to come.

I love my kids.



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