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So the toilet training of number two has begun. My daughter decided to start going potty recently because she likes to copy anything and everything that her brother does. So I spent the last month at my in-laws running to the bathroom every time her little mouth muttered that urgent little “potty”.

Surprisingly, by the time we left my in-laws she was no longer pooping in her diapers. She had gone from saying potty right after it was too late to giving me two “potty”‘s warning to get her the bathroom.

And so I have come to this post. At first I started with her in diapers because if she had an accident they were the easiest to change her from. But after pulling down her tights and skirts or her pants removing a diaper became a hindrance to the whole process.

So for me the potty training debate came down to the two major brands in underwear style diapers. And the winner for me is…..HUGGIES PULL-UPS!

Here is why. In terms of absorbency and the such I really found no difference. So what is the reason for not picking pampers (whose diapers I find fabulous)? For me it all came down to the sides. Where Pampers need to be ripped off if you don’t plan on sliding them down, Huggies have reusable sides (almost like Velcro). This has been a life saver. When she does have an accident I can simply lay her down and change her like I would any diaper. There is no need t remove her pants or tights because I can open the diaper and then seal it back on. For someone like me with a stubborn (almost) two year old who does not like to get undressed this is a big help. With the Easy-ups I would have to undress her completely to put on a new one.

And so, in terms of my potty training experiences I am awarding the Fabulous status to HUGGIES PULL-UPS.

good luck training,



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