(article originally written mid August)

My mother has been staying with us for the past 10 days and this has afforded me the time to get errands done that I would not otherwise be able to do because I would have to take two kids and my big belly with me.

While I have been running around this week getting ready for my brother-in-laws wedding and the eminent baby’s birth my mother has been watching my kids and teaching them all kinds of fun hand games and rhymes. They spent a whole week practicing oneof them and this week they put on a show.

It was so cute to see my 3 year old son so excited to put on a performance. My daughter (1 and a half) was adorable having memorized which hand gesture was coming up (or a specific word) and screaming it out so proudly( I have 10 little fingers and they all belong to MEEE!) It was a joy for me to watch and I cannot get enough of seeing them do it over and over. I am hoping to catch it on video soon…but for some reason when the camera comes out they clam up or just try to get the camera. It’s so hard to catch the candid moments!

I have realized the joys of living closer to family members when you have kids. There is no measurement of how much kids gain from knowing their grandparents (and great grandparents and aunts and uncles…).

I want to give my mom a special thanks for all the help and for making learning so much fun for my kids. We love you Baba Leah.



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