If you are like me and have a daughter (or son) like mine then this product will be a miricle for you.


My daughter is very sensitive and gets diaper rash extremely easily. I have tried everything over the counter (and some prescriptions) but nothing really seems to help. Check out my earlier post about diaper rash titled The BOTTOM Line. So I was very pleased to hear about this new product (only available through prescription).

Many moms don’t know that severe diaper rash can be caused by yeast. Now there is a product called Vusion that helps combat diaper rash that is complicated by yeast. So moms can stop feeling guilty and provide children with the relief they need.

Again, this is only available through prescription. So if you child suffers like mine make sure to ask your doctor about Vusion…I know I am going to.


Hoping this brings relief,



  1. For yeast/bacterial diaper rash you can also use Lotrimin AF–which is an over the counter cream for athlete’s foot/jock itch. It’s what my doctor recommended for my son when he had a terrible rash a while ago, and it cleared the whole problem up!

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