My what a week this has been! To say that three kids is a handful is an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute but there are just not enough hours in the day and I do not have enough hands to give them all the attention they need and want.

My kids have been fantastic about the newest addition. My eldest loves to hold her and watch everything she does. He is so attentive and gentle and has really quelled my fears that he would beat her up. Now if only I could get him to stop randomly poking his sisters!

For the first couple of days my daughter didn’t really warm up to her new sister. Then today she came over and sat next to me and held the baby. It was really cute and made me feel like they will be really close someday (a mom can surely hope).

My husband has been fantastic running around and doing anything I ask of him. He really deserves a medal for support and helpfulness and being the best husband or dad that I could ask for.

The hardest thing for me has been finding time for things other then my children. I have felt that the last couple of months preparing for the baby pushed the kids second and made chores first. I am trying to do the opposite now so that the adjustment will go smoother. Unfortunately that makes my job a lot harder. The laundry has piled and spilled way out of the basket and rooms that are usually spotless are taking me days to clean up. It’s very hard to get everything done and it sometimes can make me feel like I either have to be a good mom OR a good housekeeper OR a good wife, but that doing all three may be impossible. I guess that this will be the thing I need to work on the most. Not necessarily doing it all, but realizing that not doing something doesn’t make you a worse person…it just makes you human.

I’ll keep you posted.



ps. keep an eye out for some posts I was working on before my surprise arrival. They may seem out of date but I still want to get them up there.

  1. Mazel Tov Carla! When I had baby number two I read this book about breast feeding that had a line in it that I now use as my constant motto – “people before things”. It really makes me feel better about leaving dishes in the sink or having a basket full of laundry! You’re a mother of three now, give yourself a break!=)

    Anyway, Mazel Tov again and may she grow l’torah, l’chuppah ulemaasim tovim!

    p.s. Where are you moving to?

  2. Awww, gee, shucks… I’m honored that you wrote that I deserve a medal and it feels good knowing that you appreciate what I do and post it for the world to read. Now I want the world to know that I appreciate everything that you do and you are truly the best wife a guy could ask for.

    For all you other readers… Carla is very modest, she says she can’t do everything but she really can and does, after all, she is superwoman, (or Bat-Girl, I can’t keep them straight) even ask Avi.

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