First off, I want to thank all of my readers for hanging in there with me. I also want to apologize for not writing lately.

I have been going through many life changing events lately and was hoping to document them on my blog. Instead I have been so overwhelmed and bogged down that I have been remiss in writing at all. I am hoping to change all that now but please bear with me if I miss some days.

Along with my third baby being due any day now, we are also planning to move in the near future. I think the idea of moving has made my nesting instincts stronger. Instead of only wanting to clean the house and set it up for the baby I also want to pack up as much as possible before the baby comes. This has been really hard on my family because sometimes I have done really irrational things. For example, the move is more then 3 months away and I already bagged up the kids toys so they can be packed…not sure what I was thinking they would play with…so of course since then they have all been unpacked and mixed up again and I wil have to reorganize later.

This third pregnancy has definately been my hardest and most emotional. My daughter is only 18 months and lately I feel like I have not given her enough attention, although she seems (from what she can understand) to really be excited and is always kissing my stomach and saying baby.  I also have not been able to bend down to play with the kids. I just am very uncomfortable and swollen and this has been really hard on me, but at least they have each other.

I am extremely excited for this baby to come and for life to take on all the changes we have in store. I look forward to sharing them with you all as they come and hope that from my stories you will also benefit and gain strength from that fact that I am going through these crazy changes as well.

Hope you are all doing well,



  1. My last two are 15 months apart. I had the same fears. They are so close now they have the same thoughts. LOL. Having four children I know the pull to give them all one on one attention. When they are all swarming around it gets difficult. I try to do little things here and there with each of them.

    The most important thing I do is listen to them. This way they know I care even though things are busy. (I don’t even think they know that there is any other way to be then busy.)Someone suggested getting a journal and asking them questions and writing down their answers in the journal. Obviously you can’t do that now but it may help in a few years.

    My daughter is the last of 3 boys. She kind of gets pushed out of the way because she has 3 very demanding brothers. I do things like read to her, paint her toes, take her on short trips to the store, etc. This way she gets some of my attention too.

    It shows what a great mom you are that you are worrying about having time for all of them.

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