So this week my impending due date has really started to hit me. There is just so much to get done before Number 3 makes his or her appearance. The closer the date comes the more I also like to think about what it is I need for this baby. Thank G-d I have a beautiful boy and girl already so clothing is not a problem. So today I thought I would share my wish list for this baby.

The first thing on my list is the Phil and Ted’s stroller (I love the dash and the vibe). After my second I wanted to get this but he walked so much it was not really worth it. I soon learned that when he gets tired he needs to be picked up, and so many times I ended up pushing with one hand and carrying him or finding a way to make my single a double. So, this time I hope to get the Phil and Ted’s.

pt.jpg    phil-and-teds-vibe-buggy-stroller.jpg

There is so much good about this stroller. Like it can convert to a single for days when yo only need to take one kid. It fits through doors because it is only as wide as a single. Finally, the newest version folds with the wheels and the second seat still attached, making set up and folding a snap.

The next thing on my list is a new swing. I find that the one I had is not meant for newborns and that is when I find a swing most useful.


I am in love with the Graco Sweetpeace. I love everything about this swing. I love that it has so many motions and directions to swing so your baby feels like it is in your arms. I love that you can put the baby in while swaddled. I love how soft the materials are. i also love that it has so many sounds and the option to attach an mp3 player so baby can be exposed to all kinds of sound and music. I really love that you can plug it in or let it run on batteries giving so many options. As you can see, I love everything about this swing.


The third thing on my list is a rocking chair. I wish I’d had one for my last two kids but there was just no room for it anywhere in our apartment. I have not yet decided which one to get. I am torn between a traditional glider rocking chair and a more padded arm chair type one. I will have to do more research but when I know you will know too.

Finally, I want to get some beautiful bedding for my crib. I am hoping that soon I will have a nursery and be able to decorate it. I can’t wait to get beautiful sheets to match. Check out my post…The Fabulous Part of Fabulous Mommy (part 3)…to see my ideas for creating a nursery that is gender neutral.

Counting down the days…



  1. I also wish I had room in my apt for a glider, but I don’t. I love the padded arm chair type but my husband made a good point that the chair has a lower back so you aren’t able to really lean your head back on something as you rock. He is quite tall and would notice these things. So hopefully someday when we have the room we’ll be getting the traditional glider.

  2. your husband makes a good point, g, thank him for me. That has always been my one problem with the padded chairs as well. I am hoping to find something soon with the best of both. I will post if I do.
    They have come out with some leather chairs that are very comfortable and high backed. Maybe you should look at those as well.

  3. Oh yes, the glider is something I so wish I had for my daughter. We just couldn’t afford it. Now even though she’s 3, someone at my work was selling theirs for $40 so I snatched it. Now I’m prepared for whenever we end up having a second. Right now it fits in my daughter’s room and I use it to read to hear or rock her when she’s not feeling well.

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