I recently went shopping in the Paramus Kmart location. I have never had such a relaxing and enjoyable shopping experience in such a large store…and so I wanted to share with everyone why this was.

When I entered the store I went to get a cart. Beside the regular carts I found these fabulous TV karts. You know how sometimes you go grocery shopping and they have special kids carts…small ones for them to push, double seated ones, or ones shaped like cars…well TV cart is like that but better.

kart.jpg insidekart.jpg

The bottom part is a truck for the kids to sit in and the back of the truck is a cart. Two things make this so special though. The first is that each cart has a tv in it that plays shows like The Backyardigans, Dora the Explorer, and Bob the Builder to keep the kids entertained. This is really exciting because without that my daughter would have screamed everytime I stopped to look at something.The tv allowed me to peruse items and not have to be constantly moving for her to be happy. The other really nice thing is that the carts are not overly long or extremely huge so you can maneuver without too much difficulty around the store.

I loved this product so much that I came home and researched who makes it etc. I discovered some other really great features about it. The parental control screen (located in the basket so you can put the shows on without leaning into the cart) could also be set up as a price scanner, shopping list, it can tell you store specials, and in grocery stores it could give you recipe ideas. There is just so many possibilities for this to make life more enjoyable and simpler.

So I wanted to share this with you. Anyone near Paramus, NJ should go check out Kmart while the carts are still free to use. Everyone else you can check them out here and if you know of any store that might benefit from this product suggest it. Anything to make mommies lives more Fabulous needs to be spread around.

*Stay tuned for actual pictures I took…I am having technical difficulty getting them online right now and will try again later tonight*



  1. Peapodsquadmom…isn’t it cool! To bad the truck only holds two kids. They need to make on for moms like you with triplets (otherwise how will you choose)

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