It’s been a while since I have done movie of the week, so here it is.

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This week I am showcasing Julie Andrews. I mentioned her previously in “Movie of the Week: The Sound Of Music” and I have to reiterate what a fantastic actress she is. I find her so elegant and mesmerizing. So today I recommend both an oldie that is a classic and a more recent movie that I have added to my children’s favorite vault.

Mary Poppins is a story about a nanny that changes an entire family’s life. Julie Andrews plays Mary Poppins and she comes off as both annoyingly all knowing and “practically perfect in every way”. This movie is filled with catchy tune, great dancing, and animation and magic that will captivate even the youngest viewers. If you have not yet shared this with your children I highly recommend doing so soon.

The second recommendation is a newer movie and, although suitable for all ages, will be greatly appreciated by somewhat older girls. The Princess Diaries follows Mia Thermopolis (Ann Hathaway) as she finds out she is the future queen of Genovia. We watch her as her princess lessons transform her from an awkward teenager to a beautiful, composed princess. This movie has it all, romance, humor and Mandy Moore singing. It also has a great lesson, that a person’s greatness comes from within and that by judging on the outside you may miss something great. It also teaches girls to be confident and strong and stand up for something they believe in. I am a sucker for romantic princess movies and so I highly suggest you check this out.


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