Every once in a while I like to take a break from recommending products and share some of my joys (and pains) of parenting. I know that many of you can relate to the highs and lows that I go through and by sharing them with you I hope that I can help someone else and show them they are not alone.

I am on my third pregnancy now and this is the first time that I am at the end of it during the summer. I have a great respect for people who have done this before because I think that the heat alone makes everything worse. I am finding it so hard to sit or bend. I never had this with the last two. I was playing games on the floor, painting my toes…you name it and I could (pretty much) do it.

Now however, chasing after my two kids wipes me out and by the end of the day I can barely make it into bed.

I am trying to find ways to keep cool. So far the best thing I have found is to take the kids to a park with a sprinkler. I wade around with them and the cold water makes a BIG difference. For those of you with your own backyards you can do this too. Fill up a kiddy pool with cool water and let your kids have a blast splashing around. You can also attach a sprinkler and don’t be afraid to run through to cool off.

I did this when I last visited my parents house. We made “water day” and set up a slip and slide, water table, pool and sprinkler. Then myself and one other pregnant mother lounged while the kids had a blast occupying themselves.

For a simple cute pool check out the Frog Spray Pool With Slide – Manley

To really go over the top you can also check out the Ships Ahoy Pirate Ship Pool – Banzai

And if you want to go all out and have the space and money check out this number…theVortex Spin Slide and Pool – Banzai. My neighbors had this and it is out of this world!

Please if anyone else has tips to make these last two months a little more bearable feel free to leave me a comment on what has worked for you.

stay cool,



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