Want to teach your children the importance of both hygiene and recycling? Then I highly suggest you check out this new fabulous product.


Recycline has created the Preserve Toothbrush, also lovingly known as the “toothbrush made from yogurt cups”, is made out of 100% recycled materials. They teamed up with dentists to create a unique shape and soft bristles that will get your teeth even more sparkling. They come in many fun colors and also each comes in a travel case that allows air to circulate freely.

When you are done with your Preserve Toothbrush simply send your toothbrush back to Preserve using their postage-paid label so that it can again be used to make lumber for things like picnic tables.

I have tried this toothbrush out for the last few weeks and love it. I find that the curve of the handle is just right for getting to all the hard to reach places. I would recommend that people who prefer stiffer bristles try the medium brush because I found the soft bristles very soft.

I also really love that there is a lesson to teach your kids here. I think it is very important that kids learn the value of taking care of themselves and the environment (for really small children there is the Preserve Jr. toothbrush).

Preserve toothbrushes are available at Target stores for only $2.04. Go to this website:
to print out a valuable coupon and check out the recylcline website for other great eco-friendly products for the home.

So go ahead and live green and live happy.



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