I love travel systems. When my child is sleeping there is nothing I hate more then waking them up just because I need to move them to a stroller.

When the Orbit stroller system first came out I fell in love instantly. There are so many things about it that make it so convenient.


Starting out with the infant car seat, base, and stroller.

The base is one of the easiest ones to install into a car. You simply LATCH it in and turn the (patent pending) strong arm knob until the base is secure.

Both the base and stroller have a round circle that attaches the car seat to them. So instead of having to fit the seat into one specific position you can click it in at any point and then rotate it. You can put the car seat in sideways and then turn it to the right direction and you can leave the stroller facing one direction and turn the car seat to face you if you are in a restaurant or other area where space is limited.


There is also a bassinet that you can get. It can be attached to the stroller or to a rocker base to become a rocking bassinet. (And a bonus for green moms…they now make a bassinet that is 100% organic and natural).

orbit-toddler.jpg orbit-toddler-2.jpg

Now if this wasn’t enough for one fabulous stroller they had to go and make it even greater. There is the toddler stroller seat that is just as easy to use as the infant one and the kicker is that they just came out with a toddler car seat that can be removed from the car base and snapped into the stroller!! No more waking up your peacefully sleeping, exhausted toddler just when they finally take a nap. Just pick him up like you would when he was an infant and easily snap it into the stroller base.

( a few other features needing to be mentioned…the infant car seat has a built in sun shade that can be pulled down to completely cover baby. Also, the basket comes out (like a clutch purse) to allow easy access to objects)

This is an amazing new product. Check out all the features at their website or click on any picture above for more information. If you can afford this slightly pricey system I highly suggest giving this a through look over.

I hope you find this as Fabulous as I do



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