So summer is here and the warm weather means it’s time to get outside. For those people lucky enough to have bicycles and places to ride them, there is nothing better then a family day out.

If you have babies though it can be tough to find a way to enjoy this sport with the whole family. Trailers can be hard to pull, hard to maneuver, and leave kids stuck inside behind your dust. They get hot and don’t leave much visual stimulation for the kids.

Seats that attach to the back of the bicycle don’t allow for interaction between parent and child, leaving the child to stare at your back. They also leave the bike back heavy and uneven.

That’s where this new Fabulous product comes in.

iBert has created the safe-T-seat. This seat attaches to the front of the bike making the center of gravity closer the the middle of the bike and therefore easier to maneuver.

The best thing about their seat vs. other front seats is the fact that it is easy to attach and remove. It is also higher up so you don’t have to ride bow-legged and the bottom is smooth so you don’t hurt your knees if they do hit.

The safe-T-seat is designed for children ages 12 months to 4 years. Kids must be able to sit up well themselves and hold up his or her head with the helmet on. It can be used for children up to 42 inches before it gets uncomfortable and holds up to 38 pounds before bicycle handling becomes difficult.

Check out their site by clicking on the link above for more information or the picture below to purchase this fantastic product.

Happy biking,



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