Wow, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I last posted. This third pregnancy is really taking a toll on me. I find myself so tired and out of time that I don’t even have time to get online. For all my dedicated reader…please stick by me. I am adjusting to a lot of change in my life right now but I will try to post more regularly.


I have officially hit my third trimester and have of course started to make a list of baby names I like. I was looking online for the meaning of one when I came ccross a Fabulous website.

This website let’s you input names that you like and then uses an algorithm to create a list of other names that you may like.

I was a little skeptical so I tried it out a few times. One time I even put in all of my husband’s siblings names to see what the next possible child names would be. Lo and behold, all the names my mother-in-law ever mentioned that she liked or had thought about appeared on the page.

So if you are looking for some new ideas check out the website because even if they are not all great it’s Fabulous fun to see what they come up with.




  1. I joined the facebook group, and just decided to check out your blog. wow, what a great resource spot! Thanks. will read archives tomorrow, g-d willing.

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