Looking for an amazing new pacifier…look no further. Invented by a mom and dad the WubbaNub is a pacifier and toy in one.


Why attach the two, one may ask?

A little story…The Schneider baby was only able to sleep with the pacifier in his mouth. After sleepless nights running to put it back in or holding it in all night Mrs. Schneider discovered that if she attached a small plush toy her son would hold the toy and therefore keep the pacifier in his mouth. So, the WubbaNub was created.

This is a fabulous product because it both calms and occupies the child, creating a sense of security. There are adorable animals to choose from and the pacifiers are the same ones used in many hospitals (which also happen to be the only pacifiers that have never been recalled because of leeching toxins.). The pacifiers are also made of silicone and not latex so babies with a latex allergy are safe as well.

These pacifiers are bright to attract babies attention and can help baby gain motor coordination by providing something to grasp.

When it is time to wean baby from the pacifier WubbaNub has just created little carry around blankets with the same plush toys attached so baby can transition smoothly. Keep posted for a review on the blankets later when they have been released.

I am so excited to use this when my next child is born. These are the only types of pacifiers that my kids would ever take. I already have one prepared in the closet for when the baby is born. I highly recommend checking out this Fabulous product.
Check out Wubbanub by clicking on the link and enjoy.



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