Like I said before, I recently attended the Big City Moms NYC Baby Shower. One of my favorite vendors there was the Skip Hop people.

Skip Hop is a company that makes stylish, modern and durable products for parents. Their array of diaper bags is always a hit with expectant and new moms. From the “City Chic” diaper tote (that can hold everything and comes with a removable clutch for those quick changes) to their minimalist “Pronto” (that only holds the bare necessities) they have a bag to suit everyone. Each bag comes in a multitude of colors and has a patented clip system to attach to the handle bar of almost every stroller.

They also have really cool products for the kitchen. Their modern style bottle dryer (Skip Hop Splash Bottle-Drying Rack) is a favorite, as is their baby food holder (Skip Hop Chow Baby-Food Organizer). Check them out below.

However, my favorite has to be the “Skip Hop Playspot” interlocking foam tiles.

I have found it very hard to find a soft alternative for my little crawlers to play on. Many of my friend’s have resorted to ABC foam squares. Since I live in an apartment and the playroom is always visible, I don’t want to ruin my decorating by making it too childish. That is what I love about the “Playspot”. The design and colors appeal to children and still maintain a more mature decorating feel to them. There are a variety of neutral or designer colors to choose from and makes a great cushiony area for your child to play on. Also, unlike many other foam pieces that have a 3+ rating, “Playspot” has been manufactured for children of all ages. It is also larger then the average tile (measuring 14″x 14″) which means a larger space is covered.

I love this product and highly recommend that you check it out and create a fashionable play area for your kids…it’s never too early to instill good taste.



  1. Carla- congrats on the article- your blog is amazing and even though I don’t have little ones myself, I am an Aunt and older sibling to quite a few and find myself sneaking a peak at your site for good ideas and suggestions- thanks!

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