Tonight I attended Big NYC Baby Shower (keep tuning in for product and write ups from that fabulous event) and wanted to share this Fabulous product with all those mommies about to pop (hence the “almost” in the title).

I was stumbling around the internet when I saw an ad for I clicked and found this Fabulous bag for moms to take to the hospital. Preparing a bag can be a hard task and after giving birth all you want is stuff to make you feel comfortable and nice. These bags come pre-packed with tons of goodies. There are three levels you can buy.


At the cheapest you still get a Fabulous bag and it will be full of the essentials. This bag includes things like a toiletry bag filled with travel-sized all natural toothpaste, mouthwash, and deodorant, a toothbrush, and Kiss My Face shampoo and conditioner for all hair types. It also includes is a beautiful bottle of Belli body wash and the very delicious Bath By Bettijo lip balm, a pack of black hair bands, comfy non-slip chenille socks, and a bag of yummy organic candy.


The next bag up includes all of the above things and adds stuff like massage oil, a loofah, and a lavender eye mask along with some other great pregnancy products.


The Indulgence package has all the stuff the other two have but they also add a beautiful robe with matching slippers (one size fits all) and VedaMama’s Nourishing Face Cream (not shown).

All bags include the 5minuteapart checklist so you will feel completely prepared to go to the hospital.

Check out the website for more details and to see other products (like the hospital package for dad or breastfeeding survival kit)

Wishing you all easy labor,



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