I haven’t suggested a movie in a while so here are two of my all time favorites.

Both of these movies combine animation with real people for an adventure that is out of this world. I think that growing up I was one of very few of my friends who would call these favorites. Most people I know say movies like Aladdin and The Little Mermaid…but these two movies both deserve just as much recognition.


Bedknobs and Broomsticks stars Angela Lansbury as a witch who must care for three sibling orphans in London during World War 2. The siblings soon discover her secret and together they embark on an adventure to help the allies and save England. All travel takes place on a bed with a bedknob that controls it.

I love the scene when the clothing scares off the army even though they are not really people. To see pajamas prancing around is priceless.

I highly recommend sharing this Fabulous Classic with your kids today.


Pete’s Dragon is another Disney classic. It is about a boy and his dragon friend. Pete has only one friend in the world and that’s Elliot (the dragon). They run away and are taken in by a kind lighthouse keeper and her father. Elliot loves mischief and pranks and it soon gets him in a lot of trouble. When he is captured by a crooked salesman it is up to Pete to save him.

The songs in this movie are endearing and the playfulness between boy and cartoon dragon are adorable.

Although many people found this movie uninteresting, I happened to love it as a kid and I think most young kids will…though parents may be some what bored.

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I hope you and your children enjoy these classics,



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