I have been doing the movie of the week for the past few weeks. I am now going to try and add books to my weekly picks. This is important to me because I can not stress how important it is to read to your children. Reading inspires the imagination and if a love of reading isn’t there at a young age it is very hard to instill later.

I am starting my Fabulous Book List with the author Sandra Boynton. I have not read a book of hers that both I and my kids have not fallen in love with. At a young age my son loved to read Snuggle Puppy! (A Love Song). He has since moved on to books with more word and right now is obsessed with her book called Hippos Go Berserk!.

We also recently received Your Personal Penguin which has a link to the song version of it online. They love to sing along.

My personal favorite is Moo, Baa, La La La!. Unfortunately I haven’t bought this book yet but we always seem to bring it home from the library. I could read that book a million times to my kids without ever getting bored…that is the sign of a really good children’s book because it keeps both parent and child entertained.

Here are some other great books of hers to check out.

(Click on any book to be taken to the site)

I hope that your kids all love these books as much as mine do and that you find them as Fabulous to read as well.



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