So today I stumbled across this Fabulous website. It has some of the cutest baby products that I have seen in a long time.

The site is called Jaminga.

For all those readers out there with a punk side you will love this site as well. They have a whole section of Punk Baby clothes and then they also have a Rock Baby section for those parents who still like to rock and roll.

My favorite thing of all though is the adorable leg warmers. I think that the idea of a little toddler toddling around in leg warmers is the cutest thing ever. I also really like the package of mismatched socks. It is a pack of 10 mismatched socks to make dressing “cool” super easy…and best of all there is no need to match socks in the wash!

Here are a few of my favorite products from the website but I highly recommend checking this it out. Click here to be taken there. Bonus…for the most part prices are very reasonable.

tatshoe2.jpg tattoo shoesmismatch.jpg mismatch socks punk-dress.jpgpunk girl reversible dress leg-warmer.gif baby leg warmers (different patterns available) pink-skull.jpg robeez style shoes for the punkiest girl skull-set.jpg for even the littlest punk

and of course for the true punk at heart this company even makes custom punk bedding that is lined with super soft material to keep baby extra comfortable. I have only pictured one but check out the website for more.


I hope you all love this website as much as I do and that it satisfies the punk in everyone!



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