Little shoes on little feet can be one of the most adorable things in the world. However, it is not always best for baby to be wearing shoes, and in the winter it can be extremely frustrating to put them inside a snow suit. So how can you solve this dilemma?? Introducing Johnny and Jenny socks (there are other names for them as well). These Fabulous socks look like shoes without all the inconvenience of actually putting shoes on. Also, they will probably fit longer then a shoe because of the stretch of the fabric.

There are so many choices for these socks. Below I have put a few of my favorites. Click on any picture to be redirected to the website. Remember that cute and practical are not two different things!

I love this idea because I believe that until a child is ready to walk it is best to let the feet develop naturally without being bound by shoes. Even on new walkers, these are great with little dresses for running around the house. Check them out because the are a FABULOUS find.



ps. for more Fabulous designs (like cowboy boots, sandals, loafers and sneakers…as well as variety packs) check out

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