So I have been on hiatus with the all the craziness that the holidays bring (as well as the lack of opportunity and access to an internet connection) but now I am back so let’s start off with a bang!

I just spent the past ten days at my in-laws and it was a full house! Sometimes finding enough beds can be a real problem. Things only get more complicated when you can’t bring your baby’s crib with you. I have a pack-and-play at my in-laws but I find my daughter hates the mattress. Also, if you don’t have one they can be quite bulky to bring along (as compact as they are). So I have been looking for altenatives. Then I was reading “American Baby” this month…one of my favorite magazines…and I happened to come accross these two Fabulous products.

BTVco’s AirCrib is a lightweight, portable crib. It has a self inflating mattress and the rest inflates with an easy to use hand pump. This wonderful sleeping device can be used well into the toddler years. The mattress keeps children comfortably raised off the ground. You can use it in hotels, at the beach, at the park, or any where else that you need an extra bed. The best thing is it is really compact so you can keep in the car for whenever you might need it or pack it easily in a suitcase. It only weights six pounds so it won’t take up too much of your weight allowance if you are flying and it isn’t too heavy to carry around.


The second Fabulous alternative is Korbie’s All-in-One Baby Bag. This one goes from a diaper bag, to a change table, to a bassinet. It is great for those all day excursions when baby needs a nap on the go. This is an all around great product because of the brilliant design. It has an outside pocket that is insulated for bottles. The inner pockets have ample room for diapers and changes of clothes. Best of all is the pop up bed/changing table. It has a mesh sunshade for napping on the beach or park and can also be used indoors, let’s say…at grandma’s place. All the material is easily cleaned with a simple wiping and it comes in three fun colors. The bed is also easily detachable for those days when you don’t think you’ll be needing it. The key words for this bag are easy and multi functional. It is a Fabulous idea so check it out!


I hope these can solve your travel sleeping woes.



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