I was shocked to find out that my husband has never seen “The Sound of Music“. To me this is one of the all time greatest movies around (for children and parents). I remember so many nights at home watching this and singing along. I mean how can anything with Julie Andrews not be fantastic?! She is one of the most amazing actresses (in my mind) of all time. Besides, who doesn’t know the song “Doh a Deer…”??


Therefore, this week’s movie suggestion is of course “The Sound of Music“. There is romance and suspense; and of course the music is the best part.Kids will be singing along and singing the songs for days to come. There is nothing better then a movie that can span generations and be loved by all. I highly recommend buying or renting this classic today!

Rent it today at Netflix.com.




Netflix, Inc.

  1. OMG – this is one of my fave movies – we even saw it on broadway. (Not as good as the movie – but that’s just my personal opinion – lol)

    The boys and I LOVE to sing “These are a few of my fav-orite things…!”


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