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Today my daughter and I attended a trial class at “Peek A Baby“. This wonderful group was started by two mothers who were fed up with other boring baby classes. I can attest that it is very hard to find baby classes that are entertaining and fun. I took my son to many classes when he was younger and never really found any that kept his attention and that I felt he was engrossed in.

At “Peek A Baby” I felt that my daughter was involved from the very start. They have some play time at the beginning that really helps loosen up the kids. Next we had scarf play, then music play. There is also songs in front of the mirror and story time. However, the scene stealing activity for the day has got to be bubble time. Jessica and Yael bring out sugar bubbles (the kind that don’t pop so easily) and just fill the room with bubbles. My daughter was going nuts running around the room trying to catch the bubbles. The best part of this though is that it engrossed all the kids…and the ages ranged. The 7 month old came alive and tried to grab the bubbles, the 10 month old was crawling trying to pop all of the ones on the floor, and the 18 month old was running around trying to pop all the bubbles.

I loved this play group because they kept activities short so that the children didn’t get bored, the music was fun and upbeat so the kids got really involved, and no one got annoyed when the children roamed around instead of following the activity. I also really liked how clean everything was and how Jessica and Yael said they clean ALL the toys before every class.

I highly recommend trying this group out. Class sizes are small so you don’t feel overwhelmed and prices are very reasonable.

We did the Sing, Dance & Play class. You can buy a punch card or pay as you go. There is no obligation to go every week because you can use the punch card only on days when you can make it. Contact them and set up a trial because I think that you will keep coming back. Click on any link to be taken to their website for more information.




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