Today I was surfing the web and I stumbled upon these Fabulous new shoes by Robeez.

Everyone knows and loves the Robeez slippers (I don’t know very many kids that don’t own at least one pair), but my problem has always been that you can’t wear them outside. One trip down the block and they fall apart…especially when baby is just starting to walk. That’s where these new Robeez Tredz come in.

robeez11.jpg robeez5.jpg

Robeez Tredz takes into account that it is best for children to be barefoot when they are starting to walk. They have created a flexible shoe that allows children’s feet to develop normally, and now have added an outdoor friendly bottom. The shoes are still really soft and flexible but they won’t get destroyed after one trip outside. They come in adorable patterns for both boys and girls and are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. They are adjustable, water resistant and non-slip.

I have included some patterns that I thought were adorable but click on this link to be taken to see more.



I hope your little walkers love these shoes as much as I do! I can’t wait to get a pair for my daughter.



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