Spring is here (or at least it should be coming soon) and that means rainy days are sure to happen. Instead of feeling gloomy why not treat your little ones to some adorable rain gear. Nothing brightens the day more then seeing a little kid with a cute umbrella or some really Fabulous boots.

While you’re at it why not get yourself something to make the day seem less gray. They make really fun rubber boots for women as well now. If you are more traditional and don’t want to wear such funky shoes, you can also get a fun umbrella. They may be a little more pricy then the average black one but you’ll be sure to stand out like a ray of sunshine amongst all the gray.

I have provided some really cute options below. Click on any picture to check them out some more.

This little ladybug set is adorable.

I love the wings on this umbrella nd the matching boots make this a really fun rain set for any little girl.

I find it really hard to find cute stuff for boys. Girls are just easier to make stuff for I guess. Here is a really cute boy alternative and what better way to stomp through puddles then as a dinosaur?!

This is another cute one for boys. My son actually had these boots (he grew out of them) and we always got compliments on how cute they were.

This is my FAVORITE umbrella. I think it is Fabulously adorable. I wish it was bigger because I would get it for myself.

I think this is just a really beautiful set for any little princess. Won’t your daughter look so pretty under this blooming flower? Oh, and the boots are really pretty and springy as well. This will surely brighten the grayest day.

Now don’t think I forgot about the mother’s. I have included a few Fabulous options for you as well. Check them out below.

The Via Spiga Zebra Double Breasted Trench is really cool for the mother who want to stand out in a crowd. It’s on sale now so check it out. It’s sure to make you feel Fabulous.


Of you want to go out, check out this cool color block coat by Cynthia Steffe. I love the retro feel that it has and could be dressed up or down (because you can’t control when the rain will hit).


Juicy Couture makes some Fabulous umbrellas (again for those willing to spend the money). Nothing makes you feel more Fabulous then a little Juicy on a rainy day.


Chooka makes the above Fabulous rain boots. They have many designs (I only put a few) that allow everyone to find an option that suits them. If you want to stand out there are bright colors and funky prints. For the more subtle there are prints like the polka dots above that won’t make you stand out too much but are still adorable…oh and they are all reasonably priced.


These one’s are the least expensive and in my mind the most fun. If you really want to bring out the child in yourself go for these, and might I suggest getting the matching ones (pictured above) for your little puddle jumper. You two will be so cute splashing along together and there is nothing a child likes more then having something that is the same as mommy.


If you want to go all out in the boot department, nothing says classy like something Burberry. These boots have the classic Burberry plaid and are FABULOUS. Just a warning, they are pricey but if you can afford it be as FABULOUS as you can.

Enjoy the puddles and let your kids make you feel young,



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