In case your Bugaboo is not fabulous enough Mama-La has gone and invented Fabulous covers for the Bugaboo stroller. Now you can make your stroller even more unique.

I think these are such a cool product that I contacted her personally about it. They make washing the seat so easy because you can remove them and just throw them in the wash. They come in a myriad of colors and patterns and are just too cool and too Fabulous. Mama-La stroller covers are specifically tailored for the Bugaboo Frog® or Cameleon® models. I have attached a few pictures but please check out the website for more options as well as some car seat covers…made to fit the Britax Roundabout®, Marathon® and Regent® car seats (click on any picture to be taken there).


Again, I left the pictures kind of big so you can see the detail of the patterns.

I wish I had more to say about this fabulous find. I do not have a Bugaboo at the moment, but if I did I would be thrilled to purchase one of these delightful covers.

I hope you all enjoy them as well.



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