I had a friend who was unhappy with the cost of the Spanx maternity tights I wrote about earlier so I scoured the internet to find you all some cheaper, yet just as Fabulous, alternatives.


Noppies Maternity Tights are a super comfy alternative and are only $6.00 (2 for $9.00) at tummystyle.com. The stomach is made to grow with you to last the whole pregnancy, and they fit like a glove.


Berkshire also makes a maternity nylon that is reasonable priced at $8.06. The stomach is lace so you feel pretty even though you are wearing tights that almost meet your bra. The leg has light support and the toe is reinforced for longer wear.


Finally, Belly Basics makes both sheer and opaque maternity tights. These are great tights with a waist band to make any pregnant woman feel comfortable.

I hope these are more affordable and just as good.



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