Today’s product is one that I found being advertised in the sidebar of another website I love to read call


Baby Bouquets is a brilliant gift idea for any new parent. You receive an entire set of baby clothing as well as some silk flowers all combined into one adorable bouquet. The shirt, blanket, socks etc. are all wrapped up to look like roses and other flowers. All the clothing is 100% cotton and from brand names such as Carter’s and Gerber’s. The bouquet includes a onesie, a bib, a cap, a pair of mittens, a pair of socks, and a burp cloth (size 0-6 months).


(I left this picture extra large so you can see the details)


There are also petite bouquets and Baby Grand Bouquets as well as Toy Bouquets.. The Grand bouquets add another set of mittens and boots, a pacifier and a wrist rattle.

They come in different colors and custom orders can be made as well.

I really think this is a great gift idea that can be sent to someone far away, given to someone in the hospital or right after having a baby, or as a centerpiece for a baby shower or bris.

Please check out the website (by clicking on any image or link) and I hope you all enjoy it.



ps. I just want to add something. These people are very easy to get a hold of and reply to being contacted very efficiently. They don’t outsource labor and they are just really nice people. It is sometimes very hard to find a great product run by good people so they should be supported.

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