This post goes out to my pal Emily…I hope you LOVE this product.

The age of baby monitoring is taking a giant leap forward with this Fabulous Product. With the old baby monitors I found myself running to the baby after every little sound. With this monitor I won’t have to do that anymore. I will finally be able to sleep at night.

The Angelcare Movement Sensor with Sound Monitor has three modes that can be used. This allows parents to use the sensor/sound monitor for many many years. The Sound & Movement function allows you to hear your baby’s sounds, see sound lights, and hear a “tic” sound with every movement the baby makes. After 20 seconds of no movement the alarm will sound.

You can also use the Tic Off mode you will not hear the ticking sound with every movement. However, you will still hear the baby’s sounds and see sound lights, and your baby’s movement is still being detected. Turning off the Tic sound does not stop the alarm. It will still sound if no movement is felt.

With the Sound Only option, the movement sensor is disabled, but you will still be able to hear your baby’s sounds and see sound lights. This function is the same as a regular sound monitor.

This product features a sensor pad that is placed under the center of the mattress pad. The cord pases under the mattress to the corner where it is plugged into the transmitter. It can be plugged into an outlet or run on batteries.

There are a few kinks to the product. First of all it must be set up exactly. Once children begin to roll they may not stay on the pad causing false alarms. Also, you must remember to turn it off when you take the baby out of the crib or the alarm will sound (Em I was wrong I thought this one didn’t do that). Finally the price is a little steep. (although monitors can also be expensive, you can also find cheap ones.)

However, if you are a panicky person the extra comfort this product provides highly out weighs any negative aspects.

I recommend checking this out as an option to give you more peace of mind and hopefully some sleep.



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