My family and I spend a lot of time in the car. We live in NY so driving anywhere takes a long time, but we also take a lot of road trips. Most of the time we do our driving over night when many rest stops are closed. Closed rest stops and potty training just do not go together. That is how I discovered this Fabulous product.

The On The Go Potty is an amazing invention that allows your child to go potty anywhere.


Like yesterday, my son decided he had to go potty the second I had got the kids strapped into the car. There was no way for me to get both kids out and run back inside to the bathroom in time. So I whipped out my On The Go Potty and set it up in the trunk of my car. He went and I tied up the bag and threw it out, end of story.

The On The Go Potty is a plastic toilet with legs that fold flat. You attach the bags over the edge and then your child can sit on it like a normal toilet. The bags have an absorbent pad in the center so that pee is soaked up and doesn’t stay liquid so it can be easily thrown out. This product can be a life saver, and it is inexpensive. At the potty and 3 liners is only $9.99 and a pack of 10 liners is only $3.99.

There are many Fabulous uses for this product. Road Trips are a big one, but it also can come in handy in parks and areas with no restrooms, and one that I discovered, using it in restrooms with automatic flushing toilets saves you from dealing with children who have a fear of being flushed. I discovered this one because my son has a fear of the toilet flushing him and he is just too small for the sensor to pick him up enough not to flush in the middle. I’m sure there are other uses and that is why this is a LIFE SAVER!

I HIGHLY recommend this product!!



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