This wonderful product was sent to me through the “Contact Fabulous Mommy” tab and I just had to share it with you all. The minute I read about these shoes I came up with a million uses for them.

First off a brief description:

Every woman LOVES the way high heels make her feel and look. Especially mothers who, at least sometimes, want to get dressed up and feel sexy again. However, by the end of the night we are all usually kicking ourselves for not taking the comfortable root. Well that’s where these SpareSoles come into the picture. Designed by a mother who loves her high heels, these compact ballet style shoes roll into a tiny carrying case that can easily fit into any purse, bag, and even a pocket. They come in a cute little carrying case that can also just be worn around the wrist. They are a comfort to have around.

sole1.jpg sole2.jpg sole3.jpg sole4.jpg

The uses for these shoes are immense. For those who commute to work and may have to stand on a subway or bus, imagine being able to put on these tiny shoes and then throw them in your purse and put on your heels after the commute is done. For anyone who has gone to a wedding and ended up in bare feet by the end. (For my Jewish readers, like myself I am sure you all bring flats or running shoes to weddings because we dance our feet off. These are a much more compact way to do this). Think about being on vacation and going on a night out, if your feet start hurting you can simply switch to these. Best of all, they are cute so you won’t feel like you are sacrificing style for comfort.

So my Fabulous recommendation is to check out their website where you can read more about it and order your own pair.

Bonus: They are really not expensive. Through the websites online store they are $25.00 so check them out!


(click on the links to be taken to the SpareSoles website and the pictures of the shoes to betaken to the ordering page)



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