I have always been interested in baby massage but every time I tried it on my kids they seemed to get more fussy. This led me to think that I was doing it wrong so I gave up. If you are like me then you will find this product as ingenious as I do. The Touch of Loveā„¢ Infant Massage Snuggie is a onesie with cute designs that show you acupressure points to massage. They are all labeled, for example on the chest there is a circle labeled breath maintenance. Ot was designed in conjunction with a baby chiropractor and a clothing designer to be cute, comfortable a show the proper points to massage. This product is fabulously cute and will make even the most nervous baby massager feel a little more comfortable. Check it out at http://earthybirthymama.com/baby/baby-massage-snuggie.html. Also check out earthybirthymama.com for other fabulous natural products for baby and family.


This is a great gift idea and comes in a cute gift bag. I hope you enjoy.



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