Today was my birthday and I got some fabulous gifts that I think any mommy would enjoy. Also, my sharing this with you is my way of showing my appreciation and gratitude to everyone for being so thoughtful. Thanks!

Remember the good old days when you would buy your parents a picture frame and put a cute picture of yourself in it…well my how times have changed. My fabulous kids (who I am scared to say that at 3 and 1 are as tech savvy as I am) bought me a digital picture frame. Like I said, my how times have changed. I wanted one of these for so long because in my little apartment there just isn’t room for a million picture frames and this way I can display hundreds of pictures at once. The other great things about the one I got is that it can play music and videos as well. It also doesn’t need to be attached to a computer to work because it has built in card readers. I absolutely love this frame. The one they bought me is the 8″ Pandigital Photo Frame. It is a nice size for displaying easily but you can get smaller or bigger one.

My wonderful parent and grandparents got together and bought me a gift certificate for Edamame Spa. This spa is wonderful because all of the facials, massages, and body treatments are geared towards rejuvenating, correcting, and hydrating bodies during pregnancy and post-partum. I am really looking forward to a day of pampering and rejuvenation. The only problem is picking which treatment to get…and this should be the least of anyones problems.

Mothers Work, Inc. If you don’t live somewhere where Edmame Spa is available simply search online for maternity spas in your city. You will be able to easily find one. I had to do this for my friend in Washington DC and I was able to find a great spa that she went to for a massage and she loved it.

Finally, my loving husband bought me the HoMedics iSoundSpa Clock and iPod Docking Station. This is a wonderful clock radio that also can be a docking station for an ipod. So now I have the option to wake up to my own music, the radio, or (and this is the Spa part of it) nature sounds. There are six different nature sounds-brook, rain, night, sunrise, waterfall and ocean- which is also a wonderful addition if you have a baby because these are very soothing for a fussy child. The other fabulous thing about this product is that it can project the time onto a wall or ceiling so that you don’t even have to pick up your head to see the clock. It is like my own personal spa…and everyone can use something to help them relax.


Click on any of the links or pictures to purchase products. I hope you all had as wonderful a day as mine and that these fabulous gifts help you either with ideas or making a wish list of your own.



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