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I am really fortunate to be able to travel a lot with my children. UNFORTUNATELY traveling with children is not easy, especially when you are doing it on your own. So today I am going to share with you this Fabulous carry-on suitcase for children.

It’s called TRUNKI luggage for kids and the brilliant thing about it is that your child can ride on it if they get tired or take a rest on it during layovers. Also, it can be used as a ride on toy to keep kids entertained and give parents a break.

It is light weight and approved in size for carry on with ample room for your child to bring toys, comfort items, snack and a spare pair of clothing. It is also not a soft suitcase so there is no need to worry about things getting squished or broken; and if you’re in a rush the pull handle is also a shoulder strap that you can just throw it over your shoulder and run. It comes in fun colors (pink, blue, green and cow). I believe this product is ingenious! For more information check it out at or purchase it in America at .

Happy Traveling



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