First off I need to apologize for my lack of posting last week. My internet was on the fritz and would’t let me post for some reason so I apologize. It’s all fixed and should be fine now.

Below I am going to discuss five of the most important things to cover when you baby proof your home. Some houses are definitely less baby friendly then other but with these six things you will feel like your child is a little bit safer.

1. Install a safety gate:

Whether you just want to keep a room baby free, want to block off a hazardous staircase or lock up the kitchen to avoid unnecessary mishaps a gate is your best friend. Unlike the old gates from when I was a child, there are now gates that are installed into the wall and even some that are hands free operation.

For a really good hands free gate try the The First Years: Hands-Free Gate. Just step on the button to open the gate. It is too difficult for a child but extremely simple for a parent. It also is pressure-mounted to the wall so it won;t damage door ways.

2. Cover Outlet Plugs

I have found that my outlets are the biggest attraction for little fingers. Especially if your child ever watches you plug something in, they can’t wait to try it themselves. Therefore, be sure that any exposed plugs are securely covered.

I really like the KidCo Standard Outlet Cover

I like this one because it is still easy for adults to get plugs in, in complicated enough for children not to figure out (although I don’t put anything past my son anymore) and it doesn’t provide incentive foe kids to sit there and try to pull the pieces out like the old plastic ones did.

Also, don’t forget surge plugs (which I know I use in almost every outlet). These need to be covered as well because they provide very easy access for wandering children.

Try the Mommys Helper Power Strip Cover:

3. Lock Up the Toilet Seat

I can’t even tell you how many of my friend’s kids (as well as my daughter) love playing in the toilet. It is one of the most germ filled places in your house as well as a hazard. So putting a simple lock on it can save you a big headache.

I really like the Kidco Toilet Lock because it is simple enough to use for children who are potty training. I found that the ones that are locked down make potty training extra hard on the parents. This push design is great.

4. Protect Little Heads From Sharp Corners

Places like tables, fireplaces and possibly some stairs are just waiting for little heads to find them. They are one of the easiest things to fix and are the most visible and accessible for children. To correct simply use a set like the Kid Kusion Table Kusion and Prince Lionheart Fireplace Guard Safety Item

The table set comes with everything you need to cover the table top corners and the bottom (as you can see in the picture). The fireplace one is very easy to install.

5. Lock Kitchen Cabinets to Save Little Fingers

Stop little fingers from getting pinched or caught and stop baby from getting a hold of dangerous household items. These simple locks stop baby from getting into everything for breakable dishes to cleaning supplies. Try the Kidco Swivel Cabinet & Drawer Lock which have a swivel design so they can be “shut off” on times when you need to get in and out of the cupboard or drawer numerous times (like when preparing meals) .

Remember that it is always best to store toxic things high up out of reach of children and that no baby-proofing technique is 100% secure.


The 46-Piece Home Solutions Family Room Child-Proofing Kit is on sale for only$9.99 and includes almost everything you need for baby proofing.

  • Set includes:
  • Power strip cover
  • Cord shortener
  • VCR lock
  • 2 swivel outlet covers
  • 2 plug & outlet covers
  • 3 door knob covers
  • 4 window blind cord wind-ups
  • 8 furniture corner cushions
  • 24 outlet plugs

(Click on any picture or link to be directed to the store that carries it)

Keep your kids safe,



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