If you are looking for a way to make play dates a little more interesting and interactive why not try as themed play date. One of my favorites is the Mommy-Daughter tea party play date. You can do this very simply by just serving tea and cookies or muffins. Or, you can go all out and set up a little table for the girls and their dolls with smaller cups and mini cookies. You can even get dressed up in pretty dresses and hats or have it outside if the weather permits.

The elaborate version of this can also be adapted into a very easy birthday party. Create a centerpiece of simple flowers and provide a dress-up area with hats, shoes, make-up and other stuff. You can even add games like stack the sugar cubes to see who can stack the most, or play musical chairs. You can also make beaded bracelets, tissue flowers and paper fans.

Always remember to keep in mind you children’s ages. The younger they are the less structured you should be. For very young I suggest just having a teddy bear tea party and letting them dress up a little and run around. Then sit back with your friends and enjoy the tea.

I hope you have fun,



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