This is going to be the start of a new series. Once a week I will recommend a great movie for parents and children to watch together. Movie night can be a nice way for everyone to unwind together but choosing a movie can be a big hassle. So I am hoping that this will help. For those, like me, who have a hard time getting to a rental store and getting out without a fight about what movie I highly recommend joining There are no late fees to worry about and the movies are sent directly to you. Try them today for free by clicking on the link below. Then pick your movies and enjoy. Keep checking back for my recommendations.

Netflix – Only $4.99 a month. No Late Fees. Try it for Free!

My first movie recommendation is of course “Finding Nemo”. I chose this one because it is one of my favorite cartoons and my kids LOVE this movie. Avi always asks me to watch it. Whenever my sister is babysitting it is her go to movie as well. The jokes are funny and the characters are so lovably hilarious. Anyone who has not seen it I highly recommend it. I hope your family loves watching it together as much as we have.





Netflix, Inc.

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