My mother just discovered a Fabulous new product that I must now share with all of you. It’s called Baby Spritz Diaper Rash Spray. It is diaper rash treatment in spray form. The spray is enriched with Vitamins A, D, & E, Lanolin, Aloe Vera, and other natural ingredients, and it begins working on contact to soothe, protect and promote healing.

So no more dealing with diaper cream that ends up more on you then the baby.


For me there are two Fabulous reasons to switch to this product:

1. My daughter always tends to wiggle when being changed leaving me with an entire area (as well as myself) to clean up after I finally get her in a diaper.

2. As an observant Jew I have had many problems treating a rash on Shabbat because we hold that you can’t smear creams. Therefore, I always had to find ways around it. However, with this fabulous new spray this problem will simply disappear. (I love when problems simply get resolved don’t you?!)

It is alcohol free and fragrance free and tested for sensitive skin! I can’t wait to try this new find!

So check out the website and find a retailer near you. It’s . Oh, while you’re there check out the other product available from Baby Spritz called Baby Wipe Alternative.



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