Looking for a new drink for your kids?

Do they only like sugary juices or sports drinks but you don’t want to give them all that sugar?

Well hold the sippy cup because do I have FABULOUS find for you!! Wadda Juice is a new juice that I discovered online that is made from natural fruit juice and purified water. No more watering down your children’s drinks. No more wasted time mixing juice and water or giving in and giving your child a juice box full of sugar. Many (but not all) of the flavors are kosher and be ordered directly from the website(you can see the OU on the bottle on the website). The bottles are spill proof so you can carry them without worrying, and each bottle is vitamin fortified. They also have Wadda Blast which is a type of sports drink for kids. It has a special formula that has less sugar and sodium and is made to hydrate young children. So check it out at www.waddajuice.com and remember that in wadda juice there are no added sweeteners, sugars, preservatives or additives – absolutely nothing artificial. It has half the sugar, calories and carbohydrates of 100% juice. And, of course, itโ€™s spill-proof. I can’t wait to order my 6 pack today. Wadda a FABULOUS idea!

Happy hydrating ๐Ÿ™‚




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