By my second child I am so tired of hearing the same songs played over and over again on every toy and mobile. I understand that music is great for the developing brain, but why does it have to be so repetitive and frankly, boring. I believe that children can appreciate a lot more then twinkle twinkle little star (not that they shouldn’t learn these songs also). That is why I am so impressed with inventions like the crib mp3 players that allow babies access to a much broader scope of music. This also means that you can play many different classical albums for baby as well.

HOWEVER, if you are not the classical music fan I have a find that might interest you. I discovered these CDs quite by accident when they were fist being created. I have saved telling about them until now because many of them were not released until recently. Roackabye Baby are CDs that take rock band songs and turn them into soothing melodies for babies. Now your little one can enjoy the likes of Metallica, Radiohead, the Beatles, the Beach boys, and No Doubt…along with many others. I cannot get enough of these CDs and think that they are a fabulous purchase. They can be ordered online and the website has clips of the songs for you to hear. Check it out at

no-doubt.gif metallica.gif beatles.gif rolling-stones.gif

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