Finally I am back home and ready to start back with my blog. Again I must apologize for the lack of posts over the last two weeks. I will try now to get on a much more predictable schedule.

I went home recently to help my mother because she has been very stressed with all the family health issues that have come up lately. So I offered to come help figuring that I could clean and cook at my home or go there and do the same thing but also give her a break. Therefore, when I left I assumed I would be able to keep up my posting schedule. I never could have anticipated how hard this would be. Between helping her and entertaining my children I barely found a moment alone to sit down and type. It just goes to show how much an experienced woman like my mother can handle. My whole life she always found time to do EVERYTHING…and I mean everything. She always had dinner ready and laundry done and also volunteered with school and dance committee and the soccer team etc. I just wanted to spend a tiny post telling her that I really admire her and that now that I am a mother trying to take on the world I see how much she really did. I love you mommy.



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