I have many friends who for one reason or another have used formula partially and/or fully for their children. I never really used formula until recently because I nursed until my children were old enough to be weened to milk. However, my daughter recentky started having problems with milk and so the doctor suggested that I switch her to formula for the time being so she can get more calories and nutrients and also give her stomach a break. So I went to the store to buy formula and was shocked at how expensive it can be. So with this post I am going to try and utilize the internet to help us all save a little money on formula.

On amazon.com I found a 6 pack of Enfamil Lipil Milk-Based Infant Formula with Iron, Powder (12.9 ounces) for $81.70. That ends up being only $13.62 each.

On a website called bulkforcheap.com I was able to find Nestle Good Start Supreme infant formula with iron DHA & RHA (25.7 ounce) for $137.34. These are bigger containers and work out to only $22.89 per container. This website also has free shipping on orders over $100.

Finally, on the website drugstore.com you can buy formula by single container. This site does not offer any straight out bulk deals but they do have regular sales so it is worthwhile to keep checking back. Below I listed a few formula deals that they have right now.

Enfamil Next Step Lipil, Milk-Based Formula, Powder
– on this one you can save 8% and they are on sale for only $22.49

Nestle Good Start Supreme Infant Formula with Iron, Powder

-this one is on sale for $20.99 and that saves you 23% from the regular price.
Nestle Good Start Supreme DHA & ARA Soy Infant Formula, Powder

-this last one is on sale for $26.49 which is a savings of $4.00

So with a little planning ahead you can try to save some money by ordering in bulk or looking for sales. One last tip, I always find sales at Target for formula so if you are ever there don’t forget to check it out. I hope this saves you some money or is at least informative.



drugstore.com, inc.

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